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    As all know, the dramatic and lasting impacts of the outbreak of the COVID -19 virus required  the Governor of Vermont, Department of Education, and the Essex Westford School District to suspend attendance to schools, and that this requirement has now been extended to last for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. All sports activites will thusly be suspended and cancelled for the remainder of the school year as well. 

    In these unprecedented times, as we all commit to stay home and the social distancing guidelines that are needed to stem the rapid advancement of this novel illness, it is good to take stock in how much sports and activites are a part of our lives... the relatiionships, the challenges, the opportunties for growth and fun... and how lucky we are to have such opportunites for our youth... 

    We will return to life and these activities in the course of time.... and should give thanks when it happens that we are fortunate enough to share our love of sports as part of the educational experience. 

    Til then... stay well, and look out after each other. 

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