What's New in Art Class?

  • Donations for Art!

    Posted by Ms. Blain on 11/9/2017


    yogurt Donations for Art!

    • We love:
    • Chobani/Greek yoghurt containers
    • Quart-sized yogurt containers
    • Old t-shirts for smocks
    • Old calendars (especially with art pictures!)
    • Art prints, posters, and pictures
    • Figurine or manipulation type toys (dinosaurs, animals, legos, magnets etc)
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  • Art to Remember Orders

    Posted by Ms. Blain on 11/8/2017

    pottery The Art to Remember fundraiser continues to be a great success! The ordered items will come home with your child after Thanksgiving Break.  

    We have spent many years fundraising and are in the process of buying a larger kiln.

    This will help to make ceramics a larger part of the art curriculum.

    Clay manipulation is very important for fine motor and creative development in young children. Thank you for helping make this happen!

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  • Home fun art!

    Posted by Ms. Blain on 11/8/2017

    weaving paper  First and Second graders have been paper weaving in art.  

    This is a fun activity to do at home.  

    In addition to beautiful art, it also helps children access math concepts like patterns.  

    It’s an easy and mess free activity for a cold or rainy afternoon!  

    You can also weave odd bits of string and fabrics. The sky’s the limit!

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  • Calling All Smocks!

    Posted by Ms. Blain on 11/7/2017

    We start the year using “mess-less” materials like crayons and markers, but we will now be getting into messy and staining materials.  

    Please send in an old (washed) t-shirt for your child to personally use in art class!  

    If you have some extra old t-shirts around we can always use extras.

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  • What's new in art?

    Posted by Ms. Blain on 11/5/2017

    brushes in jar Art has gotten off to a great start this year!

    Our students are getting accustomed to the art room routines.   

    We’ve used all sorts of materials like tempera paint, watercolor, markers, collage, and air dry clays.  

    Students have been making wonderful things and hopefully those have been making it home!

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