• Flexible Pathways is a way to describe the alternative ways that students can participate in Essex High School. Each program has different features and strengths. 

    A Personalized Learning Plan is a student-designed plan for his/her high school career that seeks to identify career and college choices that can be met through a “road map” including classes at EHS and through a variety of other flexible pathways. 

    ACE stands for Alternative Center for Education, and serves as a non-traditional way to help students complete their high school education in a smaller setting based off-campus. 

    Integrated Academies are a pathway of courses and learning opportunities that are integrated within EHS's traditional graduation course requirements; students meet their standard requirements, and additionally participate in Academy coursework in and out of the classroom.

    Online Learning is a way that students can take EHS-requried course work through a learning platform like Moodle and attend fully online.