• Personal Learning Plans


    Personal Learning Plans


    This is such an exciting step forward for our schools and students. We can't address challenges around engagement, relevance and student responsibility for learning without taking on this issue of personalization. ~Rebecca Holcombe


    Essex High School will be implementing Personalized Learning Plans (PLP) beginning in the Fall of 2015.  Recent legislation requires that schools begin implementation this year for all students in Grade 9 and others who anticipate participating in the Dual Enrollment program as juniors and seniors.

    A PLP is a student designed plan for his/her high school career that seeks to identify career and college choices that can be met through a “road map” including classes at EHS and through a variety of other flexible pathways. A student’s PLP can be a powerful tool that engages the student in learning and allows students to take advantage of options that are available.

    A PLP asks students to answer several key questions; Who Am I?, How Do I learn?, What is my future path? And what are my skills and interests?  Through a process of inventories, the use of Naviance as a career and college search program, students will work with school staff to develop their PLP, and then ask for parent/guardian support and guidance.  The PLP will include personal and educational goals, evidence of learning and will be reviewed and updated at least once per year.