Virtual Learning

Online Learning

  • Online learning, also known as e-learning, is a learning experience which is delivered via a computer and the Internet. 

    Coursework is conducted through a learning platform like Moodle and often includes electronic forums, discussion groups, external resources, quizzes, Skype, social rooms, and online submitted assignments. 

    Learning activities may also include pair work, small group work and project work. Throughout the course you will have the guidance of a professional online teacher. The learning is on a flexible time schedule and can be done during and outside of the normal school day.

    To learn more about the on-line learning programs EHS accepts for credit, check out their sites directly (the links to the right.) 

    If you are interested in taking an on-line course, you need to complete the "I Want Credit For This" form and see your school counselor for approval, before you sign up on line.