EHS Clubs/Activities

EHS Activities
  • Arts & Culture

    Children`s Play

    Aly Perry, Keri-Anne Lesure

    The Children`s Play is a musical that happens in the spring, that is often student led and directed by a team of seniors and juniors.

    Choral Groups

    • Kaleidoscope - EHS Kaleidoscope is an all-female group of about 6-10 girls. They sing a variety of world music including carols and gospels. Singers must be a member of the concert choir to audition for this group.
    • Pitchpipes - EHS Pitch Pipes is an all-male group of about 9-12 guys. They sing a variety of music including Barbershop and Doo-Wop music. Singers must be a member of the concert choir to audition for this group. 

     Japanese Club

    Yukari Dougherty

    The Japanese Club is a fun environment where students can enjoy Japanese traditional and pop culture.

    Music Ensembles

    Heather Finlayson 

    • Jazz Band 
    • Pep Band 

    Musical Theater

    Aly Perry, Keri-Anne Lesure

    Being part of a EHS Musical is one of the most rewarding and unforgetable high school experiences you can have. You will participate in extending musical culture throughout the Essex Junction community.

    One Act Play

    Aly Perry, Keri-Anne Lesure

    The purpose of the One Act Play is to bring theater arts to Essex High School and serve as role models and mentors in directorial, dramaturgical, and performing roles.

    W.A.M. - Writers, Artists, Musicians

    Erin Kranichfeld Thursdays at 2:40pm in C228

    Students can participate in Writers, Artists and Musicians in two ways. First, students can come to our weekly meetings, where we review submissions for the yearly arts and literary magazine. Students can also submit pieces of original writing, artwork, and music to be considered for inclusion in the magazine. Submission information can be obtained at the submission boxes in the English office and the library or from the adviser.


    Big-Little Program

    Lauren Kirby

    Are you a junior or senior someone who likes to work with children? Are you interested in the field of child care or education? Did you have a Big friend when you were little? This program participants visit local elementary school students, read them stories, eat lunch with them, and help them with their homework.

    CORE aka CYO - Christian Youth Outreach

    Tammy Gilbert Tuesdays at 7:20am in Auditorium

    Christian Youth Outreach (CORE) is a club focused on reaching Essex High School students with the good news of the Gospel.

    Class Officers

    Linda Cloutier-Namdar, Justin Norris, Kristin McNamara, Erin Bessy

    The goal of Class officers is to organize and facilitate activities for the enjoyment of their classmates. 

    Community Service-Social Action

    Deborah Kalkstein-Lamb  - Wednesdays 7:30 am in Library #2.  Please contact Deb for more info at X7444 or in Room C125C.

    Club offers many great ways for students to get involved through service activities in Essex Junction community, numerous one-time projects, in-school prevention & education projectsand social justice advocacy.



    Julie Shaw , Jennifer Corey

    EHS DECA chapter prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. Students practice key leadership skills such as goal settings, consensus building and project management. 

    Diversity Club

    Andrew Roy , Nicole Gillis - Thursdays at 2:45pm in Counseling Office

    EHS club for students of color who are looking to make new connections and friends, have fun, and most importantly to celebrate and promote the racial and cultural diversity at Essex High School.  

    Model United Nations

    Benjamin Beatty-Owens, John Synnott - Thursdays at 2:45pm in room C227

    The MUN club engages in an authentic simulation of the United Nations system by learning about the UN system, the skills of debate, compromise, conflict resolution and negotiation. MUN team members have fun learning about the workings of world diplomacy through the lens of current events.

    One Heart

    Deborah Kalkstein-Lamb - Thursday morning at 7:40 in the Library

    One Heart meets weekly to provide an environment of tolerance and respect for people of all gender orientations. This group supports individuals and each other. In addition there is outreach to educate and raise awareness on issues of intolerance within and beyond the high school.

    Peer Helpers

    Siobhan Barber & Jonathan Moore - Wednesdays during lunch in the library

    Peer helpers are trained in basic counseling skills and then make themselves available to other students who may want or need a peer to listen. The premise is that students often talk to other students about their stresses and concerns before they will trust an adult.

    Red Cross Club

    Maeve Murphy - Tuesdays 7:30 am at C234/C235

    This club focuses on community service and conducts an annual talent show that raises money for community efforts.

    Student Government

    Beth O`Connor, Laura Williams

    An organization whose aims are to develop leadership skills, foster experiences in government, provide service for school and community, and to provide a collective voice for the students at EHS. Members are either elected or appointed as laid out in the Constitution, and represent all four classes. The democratically elected group represents the will of the student body when making school policy suggestions and creating and organizing various student activities.


    Bounds for Hounds

    Shawn Montague - Mondays at 7:30 am

    Our club will partner with our local animal shelter and other local rescues.  Students will learn the responsibility of pet ownership and caring for animals.

    Environmental Club - INACTIVE

    Students interested in taking a leadership role in reactivating group can contact Deb Kalkstein-Lamb or Erin Bessy.

    The Essex High School Environmental Club`s general mission is to: instill a sense of environmental stewardship within our peers and community and to promote/educate waste reduction, reusing, recycling, composting, energy efficiency, and responsible us of available resources.

    Honor Societies

    French Honor Society

    Renee Seyller & Jill Prado

    To promote French as a language and culture in Essex High School and the community through service and celebration.

    National Honor Society

    Erin Kranichfeld & Stacey Anthony

    The purpose of this organization is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character. After a nomination process, worthy students are selected for membership.

    Spanish Honor Society

    Beth O`Connor

    To promote Spanish as a language and culture in Essex High School and the community through service and celebration.

    Science & Math


    Chess Club / Go Club

    Adam Murray 2:40 in C234

    The purpose of the EHS Chess Club is to promote participation and excellence in the playing of the game of Chess while exploring the game's educational benefits. We meet once a week on Wednesdays in C242 for instruction and play. We encourage participation in local, state level and national level tournaments.

    Computer Club

    Seth Moore

    The computer club meets each week to play networked computer games. We play team based games that focus on the importance of working together and helping each other out to win the game. Students benefit from the structure of the club, the social interaction, and the emphasis on teamwork.

    Math League

    Kristin McNamara

    For all students interested in competitive math, Math League is the activity for you! The math league team competes against other schools in the area at five meets. Qualifying packets are handed out by Mr. Roberts: "the font of all knowledge" beforehand to determine which students will attend that particular meet. There are five different categories to compete in: Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, Advanced Math, and Team. Talk to Mr. Roberts if you are interested in receiving qualifying packets.

    Neuroscience Club

    Nancy Smith Tuesdays at 2:40 PM in room C210

    Club purpose is to teach, excite and encourage students to learn about the brain and the growing field of neuroscience and to help prepare the students for participating in the annual Vermont Brain Bee held at UVM each February.

    Robotics Team

    Joseph Chase, Jim Dirmaier

    The Robotics Team works towards regional and national competitions in the robotic field.
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    Role Playing Game Club

    Oliver Kranichfeld, Dawn Vining, Paul Adams              Thursdays 3-5:30 in RYSE Classrooms

    The RPG (Role Playing Game Club) is a weekly club designed for students who are creative, strategic, who can think on the fly, all the while having a lot of fun in the process.  Gaming modules have included and may also include D&D 5th Edition, Pathfinder, and potentially others if the interested parties consult with the club adviser

    Scholars` Bowl

    David Rome Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:15am in C-110

    This team competes with other high schools in a fast paced question game similar to the TV show “Jeopardy.” Practices are typically in the morning before school.

    Sports & Activities

    Athletic Leadership Club

    Jefferson Goodrich, Eric Langevin, Maria Royer , Pam Hemingway Thursdays at 7:15am in Auditorium

    The Athletic Leadership Council includes 35-40 student-athletes, grades 10-12, representing all athletic teams, who apply for membership. The organization meets every other week, and organizes activities focusing on school spirit and fun. Activities include EHS intramural tournaments, in dodgeball, volleyball and bowling, reading to elementary school students, a coin drive to benefit Unified Sports, leading time activities at athletic events, sponsoring a dance, a thank-you breakfast for coaches, and much more.

    Climbing Club

    Dean Corkum Tuesdays 3:00-4:30 at Gym

    Students meet weekly during the winter to learn and practice climbing skills and techniques at the climbing wall in EHS gym.

    Intramural Hockey

    Bryan Hirschman & Amy Vensel Saturday evenings at RINK

    Intramural Hockey is a co-ed club open to players of all levels. It begins in mid December through early March. Practice and playing time is on Saturday evenings.

    Unified Sports

    Erin Schmitt, Julie Shaw

    This fun club practices and competes in local and state Special Olympic competition for bowling, basketball, and bocce ball. The club is open to all students!