School Lunch Menus - *New!*

  • EWSD is now displaying all lunch menus on ADL's MealViewer page. (Link goes to a new window.) 

    MealViewer Basics

    Note: You do not need to create a profile or account to view school menus

    Mealviewer app

    • Make sure to toggle to the "Lunch" menu to see what's being served at lunchtime. 
    • The Breakfast Menu appears first. Use the tabs to the upper left of the month to toggle to the Lunch Menu (see image.)
    • All EWSD K-8 schools serve similar meals - so any school will have the same menu in those grades, with some additional buffets in middle schools
    • Nutritional information is listed with every item, day by day
    • Mobile Users: You may bookmark the MealViewer webpage (goes to district site) for future use on your cell phone following these EWSD instructions. The program also has a MealViewer to Go app, available in Google Play or iTunes. (We suggest the mobile view for ease of use.)


Purchasing School Lunch

  • Lunch Prices: Student $3.25, Adult $4.00

    All lunches come with fruit, a drink, and all-you-think-you-can-eat veggie bar. Additional drinks or snacks may be purchased (see options and prices below the menu calendar).


    Please note, your student may purchase additional food and drink for snacking, at the prices below. These costs will come out of your existing MySchoolBucks funds.

    • Snack: Student $0.85, Adult $1.25
    • Beverages: Milk $0.75 Juice $0.75

Lunch Times

  •                                                           Monday, Wednesday-Friday  __
    Alchemy & Discovery Team 8th Graders   11:20-11:45                   Tuesdays   11:06-11:28 
    Nova & Discovery Team 7th Graders        11:50-12:15                   Tuesdays  11:37-11:59 
    Infinity and NRG Team 6th Graders         10:45-11:10                   Tuesdays  10:41-11:03