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Branch out into a new genre this month.

Welcome to the EMS Learning Center

  • Why not get out of your comfort zone a bit this month by dabbling in a new genre of reading. Reading, like most other things in life, has so many options to choose from and it's never an all or nothing commitment when trying a new book. The EMS library has some great suggestions for books to "Dabble" in a genre as well as a progression of more elaborate titles within each genre should you decide you like it. Feel free to stop by, shoot an email or check out the display case for ideas. 



EMS Library Procedures

  • About the Collection

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    The EMS library has a wide range of materials covering a variety of subjects, interests, and reading levels to support and enrich the curriculum. Recognizing the fact that our library contains materials from picture books through adult books, we encourage parents and guardians to discuss their children’s reading selections with them. 


    • There is no limit on the number of books you check out, just be reasonable. 
    • Items are due back 3 weeks after checkout. 
    • You may renew an item if no one else has requested it. 


    • No fines are charged for overdue items. 
    • A replacement cost will be charged for lost/badly damaged items.  

    Library Bill of Rights

    The Learning Center adheres to the Library Bill of Rights (opens in a new window) to ensure our collection provides for all members of our school community.