10th Grade Group Meetings will run from 4/1/21-4/16/21 with your school counselor.  hkennison@ewsd.org. For more information about these meetings, please email your school counselor directly.  


    CLEP exams are currently available to all EHS students. If you have any questions, please click here. If you are not a current EHS student, please email topofvt@aol.com for more information.

    AP Exams will take place at the RINK beginning May 3-17. You will be emailed directly if your exam is NOT in the Rink. Please email hkennison@ewsd.org if you plan on cancelling your exam for a full refund at least 48 hours prior to the exam and with any other questions. 
    2021 Graduation information can be found the Weekly newsletters to students AND parents or by calling 879-7121


    -GPA's, Report Cards and Previous Student Transcripts -  must be requested by email - hkennison@ewsd.org  
    -New student registrations are all being done virtually (with a few exceptions) and collecting paperwork via emailfax, mail and drop-off at Main Entrance. 

    AP and CLEP information: Please check the EHS AP website for more information and upcoming exam dates. click here!

    Testing Information for PreACT and PSAT:

     PSAT       Pre ACT







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Essex High School Counseling Team

  • The goal of the school counseling program at Essex High School is to enhance the learning process for all students through academic, career, and social/emotional support. 

    The school counseling program is a collaborative effort between the school counselor, student, parents, and other educators to create an environment that promotes student achievement.

    Team Picture

    In order from left to right starting at the top: Hollee Kennison - Registrar, Andrew Roy - Director of School Counseling, Laura Cunningham-Firkey - School Counseling Secretary, Nicole Gillis - School Counselor, Jon Moore - School Counselor, Caity Katz - School Counselor, Ben Skoglund - School Counselor, Siobhan Barber - School Counselor and Maeve Murphy - School Counselor. 

    Please continue to check your school email daily for information from the counseling department, your teachers, administrators or more. 
    To connect with your counselor or request an appointment:

Counselor Assignments by Student last name

  • Counselor





    Andrew Roy A     LI-OZ
    Jon Moore BA-CZ BA-CZ BA-DA BA-COM
    Maeve Murphy DA-HAQ DA-FZ DE-GZ CON-HE
    Ben Skoglund HAR-LI GA-KE HA-LE HI-LE
    Caity Katz LO-PA KI-MO LI-PE  
    Nicole Gillis PE-STE MU-SI PF-SU PA-SH
    Siobhan Barber STO-ZZ A & SK-ZZ A & SW-ZZ A & SI-ZZ

College Visits