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    All students are welcomed and encouraged to apply for enrollment in a program at the Center for Technology, Essex (CTE). Our application process is designed to ensure that every student who applies is aware of the prerequisites and rigors of the technical programs at CTE and is ready to make a commitment.


    Admissions Proccess: Each of the following steps is important for all applicants. In addition, procedures for adult applicants, second year/apprentice applicants can be found on the left hand side of this page.


    1. ORIENTATION SESSION: Become familiar with the program offerings at CTE by meeting with a counselor, previewing the CTE video and webpage, reading the brochures and program descriptions, or by visiting.

    2. VISIT: Students interested in attending CTE must visit the program(s) prior to application (students are encouraged to visit two different programs). Visits are arranged through the CTE office; high school students are encouraged to make visit arrangements through their high school guidance office. Parents, Guardians and Students can also the annual open house.

    3. APPLY: Submit a complete application* to the CTE. Applications are accepted beginning January 1 for the following school year; the CTE application deadline is the second Friday in March. (Applications received after this date are considered on a space-available basis; summer applicants attend an orientation prior to acceptance into a program).
    * A complete application includes high school academic transcript including most recent semester, high school attendance & discipline records, and all requested signatures.

    4. STEP-UP DAY: Step-Up Day at CTE will be held in March / April (check web calendar for date).
    This is an important next step to determine the appropriateness of the program for the applicant. High school students will be invited to attend Step-Up Day who (based on application materials):
    * have junior or senior year credit (minimum 10 credits/has reached the mid point in their high school graduation proficiencies)
    * have acceptable attendance history (no more than 10 days a semester unless there are extenuating circumstances)
    * will be at least 16 years old by first day of school

    5. DECISION: The CTE Admissions Committee will meet following Step-Up Day and review each student’s application. The committee will review: accompanying materials and information, feedback on safe and appropriate behavior and any assignments from Step-Up Day. Classes are configured using a pre-determined class size number. Priority is given to applicants who meet suggested prerequisites as outlined in the program descriptions. Decisions will be made in April and forwarded to sending schools and sent to the applicant. Once the class size is reached and the program is full, additional qualified applicants will be placed in a waiting pool.

    A student not accepted to CTE may re-apply the following year. These students will be advised as to how they can prepare for a future successful application.

    If at any point in the process questions arise regarding an applicant’s suitability for the particular program, or for CTE as a whole, the appropriate person(s) at the sending school or agency will be consulted.

    Probationary Standing
    All students enter CTE on a probationary status for ten CTE school days. During this timeframe, a student’s willingness to embrace the CTE code of behavior and to develop workplace readiness skills is assessed.

    Continued Probationary Standing may be recommended if a student shows promise but needs more time for assessment. The sending school guidance counselor is notified if a student is being considered for extended probation.

    Students enrolled after the tenth school day will be placed on probationary status until the end of the first grade report.


    APPEAL: Students not accepted to CTE may appeal the decision to the Technical Center Director.


  • Required Application Materials:


    *Completed application form (link below)
    *Transcript that includes current year progress
    *Attendance Records
    *Discipline Records*Visit!


    CTE Admission Committee may include:

    * CTE School Counselors
    * CTE Program Instructors
    * Student Services
    * CTE Director or Assistant Director
    * Adult Services Coordinator (when appropriate)

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