Curriculum and Instruction

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    Building a Curriculum Framework

    1. Review and understand the vision, focus, objectives, and student needs.
    2. Identify resources.
    3. Develop experiences that meet the objectives.
    4. Collect and devise materials.
    5. Identify specifics - learning targets 
    6. Develop plans, methods, and processes.
    7. Create your students' experience.
    8. Plan for feedback and assessments

    The Essex Westford School District supports student learning through high quality instruction, intervention and assessment and supports individual learning towards meeting required state standards in:

    • literacy
    • mathematical content and practices
    • scientific inquiry and content knowledge
    • global citizenship (including social studies and world languages)
    • physical education
    • health education
    • artistic expression (including visual, media and performing arts)
    • transferable skills

    Common Core State Standards


  • Contacts

    • Jackie Ramsay-Tolman, Director of Learning and Instructional Impact
      (802) 857-2019 or
    • Tamara Parks, EWSD ELL/Multilingual Learner Program Coordinator
      (802) 857-2008 or
    • Kim Fiske Gawor, Educational Assessment Manager
      (802) 857-2020 or
    • Arik Mortenson, Learning Systems Manager - Personalized Learning Plan Coordinator
      (802) 857-2012 or