Curriculum and Instruction



    The Essex Westford School District supports student learning through high quality instruction, intervention and assessment and supports individual learning towards meeting required state standards in:

    • literacy
    • mathematical content and practices
    • scientific inquiry and content knowledge
    • global citizenship (including social studies and world languages)
    • physical education
    • health education
    • artistic expression (including visual, media and performing arts)
    • transferable skills

    Common Core State Standards


  • Contacts

    • Jackie Ramsay-Tolman, Director of Learning and Instructional Impact
      (802) 857-2019 or
    • Kim Fiske Gawor, Educational Assessment Manager
      (802) 857-2020 or
    • Arik Mortenson, Learning Systems Manager - Personalized Learning Plan Coordinator
      (802) 857-2012 or
    • Eliane Barrett, Assistant to Office of Curriculum and Coordinator of Translation Services
      (802) 857-2014 or