EMS Announcements


    Today is Friday, January 22nd

    Boys and girls basketball starts today.  The boys will be practicing from 3:30-5:00 and the girls will follow at 5:15-6:45. Girls need to go home and come back. These times will be set until further notice.  No practices on Wednesdays. Athletes will only practice on their in-person days. You must wear a mask and it is important to arrive and leave on time to avoid crowding. There is not clear direction from the VPA yet for Cheerleading.  As soon as we get it, we will let you know.  

    Bolton ski program starts this Friday for those who have signed up. Your gear will go between the 2 front doors and you should plan to change up in your designated bathroom before going on the bus which will be on Foster Road. 

    February is African American History Month.  The Peer Leadership team is looking for suggestions of songs that can be played at the start of the school day by African American artists. We welcome suggestions from students, homerooms, and/or teams.  Please email your suggestions to Mr. Randall (prandall@ewsd.org)