Tuition help


    Tuition assistance for enrollment costs

    Income-eligible students may receive tuition assistance through:

    • Vermont Student Assistance Corporation’s Short-Term Training: Advancement Grant.  For more information, visit the VSAC website, or contact VSAC at (800) 642-3177. Eligibility generally pertains to students with AGI < 100k income.  Up to $3000.

    • Vermont Student Assistance Corporation's Curtis Training Scholarship. For Vermonters that have a gap in their funding after submitting financial aid from Short-Term Training: Advancement Grant. Up to $1500 for tuition. Call 800 642 3177.

    • Vermont Student Assistance Corporation's Trades Scholarship/Forgivable Loan. Up to $23k for tuition and up to $2k for initial licensing fees. Loan forgiven with one year employment in field Vermont. Call 800 642 3177.
    • Vermont Department of Labor: $1,000 Adult Career Technical Education (CTE) Scholarship for eligible Vermonters to support training and other expenses incurred from enrollment in an adult career and technical education certificate program. The Adult Career Technical Education (CTE) Scholarship was created in partnership between the Department of Labor and the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation. Go to  CTE Scholarship
    • Please contact Joe Teegarden at or 802 233 2319 for assistance with grants.