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STEM Academy

  • Inspiring the next generation of leaders and innovators in a globally connected world.

    The STEM Academy is designed to support students interested in building a strong foundation in the STEM content areas and to provide students with the opportunity to explore connections across different disciplines through additional experiences.

    Students who complete all of the components of the STEM Academy will receive the STEM Endorsement on their diploma to indicate that they have gone above and beyond in the areas of scientific exploration and creativity.

    Students who wish to obtain a STEM Endorsement may start at any time in their high school career, however it is recommended to sign up at the end of 9th grade.



Endorsement requirements

STEM Academy endorsement requirements

    Course Numbers: Fall M130, Spring M132, or Online M131 .5 Elective credit Grades 11-12

    This one semester seminar course is for 11th and 12th grade students who need to meet the internship requirement of the STEM Academy.

    Students will use digital research tools to follow current trends in technology and will create an electronic portfolio of their experiences in the course. Pre-employment skills will be taught in conjunction with our Career Center. Students will then participate in a 40 hour internship at a local STEM business.

    If STEM Academy students are unable to fit the STEM Internship course into their schedule, they may sign up for Course Number M131 (the online option) to earn the 0.5 credit and meet the STEM Academy requirement. Students participating in the online version of this course will meet with the STEM Academy Leader to create a plan for the course, including preparation of an electronic portfolio on their own time and participation in at least 40 hours of off campus career experiences.