New Student Information

  • Welcome!

    We are pleased to have your child join our school system. As we begin this educational journey together, we look forward to partnering with you. As members of our learning community, we value your insights and support in providing the best educational experiences for your child.

    Which registration form?

    • For students entering grades 1-12, download the New Student Registration packet.

    • For students entering kindergarten who have previously applied for/received Act 166 funds, or participated in a school-based pre-K in EWSD, use the Act 166 and EWSD Pre-K Participants packet.

    • For students entering kindergarten, who are not receiving Act 166 funds or have not participated in a EWSD pre-K program, download the Kindergarten Registration packet.

    • Looking for preschool or pre-K? Use our Early Education page, or the menu to the left, which directs you to all registration and Act 166 information for families in the district. 

    Note: All forms must be downloaded first on your computer.  The "Download" icon is the one with the arrow pointing to a horizontal line: Download button  

    Information about where to return the registration packets is contained in each one, and depends on your residence.

    Are you considering School Choice for high school? Download our School Choice form (opens in a new browser window).