Virtual High School

  • The purpose of The VHS Collaborative study program at Essex High School is to provide our students with challenging and engaging student-centered courses that both enrich and expand our course offerings by addressing our students' educational needs through online study.

    Online VHS class discussions, in which students participate in learning with a diverse peer group, contribute to twenty-first century global competency as well as create another pathway for our students to college and career readiness.

    The VHS Collaborative offers standards-based online courses in the Arts, Foreign Languages, Language Arts, Life Skills, Math, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Advanced Placement (AP), and also some Credit Recovery courses.  

    Students will virtually learn with other peers from around the nation and the world using Desire2Learn classroom technology. The VHS expectation is that students log into class at least 4-5 times from Wednesday to Tuesday in order to complete weekly assignments, lessons, and participatory goals.  

    Self-motivation and time-management skills are important for course success. Year-long and semester courses are both offered with 25 student slots available per semester through our school membership.

    To learn more, visit   browse the 300+ course offerings, & make an appointment to discuss it with your school counselor.  A signed “I Want Credit on My EHS Transcript for This” form must be handed in for you to be enrolled in the class.  Please see your school counselor or Victor Toman ( for more information and to discuss this available opportunity to learn in a virtual classroom!

    .50 – 1.00 credit earned

    Note—Summer classes offered through VHS are for credit recovery or enrichment only.    

    Download Form: I want credit for this at EHS

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