Graduation Requirements

  • Successful completion of these requirements demonstrates meeting consistent, clear, and identified outcomes.

    To receive a diploma, students must have a working personalized learning plan (PLP) and must earn a minimum of 24 credits by demonstrating documented course proficiencies, which must include the following:

    • 4 credits English including 9th grade English, 10th grade English, and 2 additional credits based on the quadrant system
    • 3 credits Mathematics
    • 3 credits Science, including 1 credit each in Physical Science (PS), 1 credit in Natural Science (NS), and 1 credit of Science electives
    • 3 credits Social Studies, including 1 credit in World Studies, 1 credit in U.S. History, .5 credit in American Government, and .5 Social Studies elective credit
    • 1 credit World Language
    • 1 credit Fine Arts
    • .5 credit Practical Arts
    • 1.5 credit Physical Education, including .5 credit in Give Me Five and 1 credit of P.E. electives
    • .5 credit Health
    • .5 credit Computer Applications (Computers and Careers course)
    • 6 additional credits to reach a minimum of 24 credits

    While completion of this program meets graduation requirements, students should reflect upon their post-secondary plans such as course requirements for college acceptance when choosing courses.

Planning Tools

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