Graduation Requirements

  • Successful completion of these requirements demonstrates meeting consistent, clear, and identified outcomes.

    To receive a diploma, students must have a working personalized learning plan (PLP) and must earn a minimum of 24 credits by demonstrating documented course proficiencies, which must include the following:

    • 4 credits English including 9th grade English, 10th grade English, and 2 additional credits based on the quadrant system
    • 3 credits Mathematics
    • 3 credits Science, including 1 credit each in Physical Science (PS), 1 credit in Natural Science (NS), and 1 credit of Science electives
    • 3 credits Social Studies, including 1 credit in World Studies, 1 credit in U.S. History, .5 credit in American Government, and .5 Social Studies elective credit
    • 1 credit World Language
    • 1 credit Fine Arts
    • .5 credit Practical Arts
    • 1.5 credit Physical Education, including .5 credit in Give Me Five and 1 credit of P.E. electives
    • .5 credit Health
    • .5 credit Computer Applications (Computers and Careers course)
    • 6 additional credits to reach a minimum of 24 credits

    While completion of this program meets graduation requirements, students should reflect upon their post-secondary plans such as course requirements for college acceptance when choosing courses.


    The curriculum at EHS provides a wide variety of challenging and interesting courses. While students are required to meet specific graduation expectations, the depth and breadth of our curriculum makes it possible for students to design their own pathways and personalize their own educational experiences, both within and outside of the classroom.

Planning Tools

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