• The EHS Employment Program is designed to give students who have a disability the necessary employment experience to be successful in the workforce.   Community job matches are based on the students' skills, personality and interests. Benefits for students include a strong sense of pride when success is realized outside the classroom.   For some teenagers, this translates into better attendance, improved grades and a reduction of risky behaviors.   Students also have an opportunity to get practical ideas for careers they may be interested in pursuing.

    Successful Transition is a key element in which the EHS Employment Program takes great pride. To ensure that seniors make a successful transition to a job,  staff work closely with adult service agencies. This collaboration facilitates the necessary components that translate into independence.

    EHS Recruits Area Employers who want to mentor a student at their work place and help teach them job skills. More than before, it is important that young adults have caring and committed community role models from which to learn. The time commitment is minimal, but the benefit for both the student and the employer is life long.

       Employment Program Staff

    Ben Beatty-Owens, Employment Coordinator,  Mickey Bonges, Employment Coordinator

    Job Coaches: Kristin Kany & Vickie Toppings