About the Library

  • FMS Library Policies 2017-2018

    Library Schedule

    The FMS Library operates on a flexible schedule throughout the year.  What that means is that classes may sign up to come weekly, or more often to work on collaborative projects.  For the first 6-8 weeks of school, classes come at a fixed weekly time for an in-depth library orientation and book checkout.  3rd grade classes attend a 10-week long orientation.  After that time, teachers may schedule visits weekly, or more often if working on a special project.  The library is open to students every day, so students may exchange books on their own (with teacher permission) at any time.

    Loan Policies

    • Students may borrow 3 items at a time.  This includes magazines and playaways (pre-filled audiobook players).  Items may borrowed for 2 weeks and can be returned early, on-time or renewed.  
    • If materials are lost or damaged, we ask your family to pay for a replacement.  We gladly refund money paid if items are found.
    • We loan playaways AND headphones to students.  These items are expensive to replace if lost or damaged.  We encourage you to discuss responsible care of these items.
    • We also loan MP3 players to students, loaded with titles from our OverDrive collection.

    Book Care

    Please discuss with your child a safe, special place at home to keep their library books and materials.  This should be a place safe from pets, food, beverages and younger children.