• CTE Open House - February 15th, 2020

  • Workshops 10:00 - 11:00 am     -     General Public 11:00 am - 2:00 pm 

  • 2020 Open House Workshops - Open to 8th, 9th & 10th Grade Students

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  • Automotive Technology

    filling a tire

    Are you interested in engines and how they work? The internal combustion engine harnesses fire to make power! Come join us in the Automotive program for a hands-on activity with a small gasoline engine and use Snap-On tools.  Learn to use your hands and your mind for a revved up experience. Sign up if you want to learn more about automotive technology.

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  • PreTech - Human Services  / Childhood Education

    childhood ed

    Join us at our onsite preschool to explore childhood education and human services.  Hear from our PreTech 3 (Human Services) Teacher and participate in a health care related activity.  Find out what skills and knowledge are needed to work with children.  Play games and explore the toys and books in the classroom.  Be creative through some fun craft projects!  Make and eat your own delicious and nutritious snack!

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  • Dental Assisting

    dental teeth

    You only have one chance to make a positive first "impression"!  If you are interested in teeth and want to explore the field of dentistry, please join our workshop.  Activities include using dental materials to take an impression on a manikin and pouring up the mold in stone to make a model of teeth!  Come meet the instructors and former dental students who are eager to share their experiences with you. 

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  • Engineering Design

    Student doing a sketch

    Are you good problem solver?  Are you a maker?  The design-creation process is exciting and fulfilling.  In this workshop, students will use templates to create a personalized demonstration gear machine to take home.  Participants will learn to use a Computer Aided Design program to create a gear toy and then operate a 50 watt laser cutter to make the item.  Come and find out how using the latest technologies can inspire a rewarding career in engineering.

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  • Pre-Tech BASES (Building, Arts & Small Engines)

    building stuff

    Are you an active and engaged learner who wants to know more about building and engines? Pre-Tech BASES (Building Arts and Small Engines) is an exploratory program for students who are interested in technical education.  We'll offer a short project during this workshop that will expose attendees to some of the power tools and skills that we use in class.

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  • CAWD (Computer Animation & Web Design)

    Unreal Engine Logo

    Are you interested in being creative with technology? Do you find you doodle on homework? Do you use your cell phone for more than making phone calls? Do you enjoy playing video games? Visit the Computer Animation and Web Design Program and create a video game level using Unreal Engine 4, an industry standard in Video Game Development.

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  • Cosmetology Arts & Science

    hair design

    Do you like art and design?  Does creative hands-on work excite you?  Do you enjoy hair and hair design?  Imagine the opportunities in the Cosmetology field... Students will to watch a demonstration of clipper cutting and nail art.  Hands-on activities include creating and designing your own nail art and using clippers on one of our CTE manikins.

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  • Design and Creative Media

    Students looking at color swatches

    Are you a doodler? Do you have an interest in cartoons, illustration or animation? Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw on the computer or add more techniques to your digital toolbox? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then stop on down to Design and Creative Media! In our workshop you will learn how to use a Wacom tablet and Photoshop to bring your creative vision to life!"

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  • Natural Resources, Forestry / Horticulture


    Operating a chainsaw is an intimidating task and an important part of taking care of our Vermont woodlands.  The Natural Resources, Forestry / Horticulture program utilizes Northeast Woodland Training and The Game of Logging to teach you how to wield a chainsaw the safe way.  We will demonstrate cutting techniques and identify the internal parts of a tree.  You will learn safety basics and start a chainsaw in this workshop (chains will be removed)

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  • Professional Foods

    cake decoration

    Do you love to bake and cook?  Do you dream of being a chef?  Students with a love of food will work with CTE's talented chef instructors and current culinary students.  Hands-on activities may include making your own salsa, flatbreads, griddled sandwiches and producing bakery items such as cinnamon rolls and cider doughnuts.

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