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Founders Band and Orchestra Instrumental Programs


August 26, 2022

I wanted to send home a brief letter talking about the Band and Orchestra programs that are offered at FMS. All fourth and fifth graders are visiting with me this week to hear a demonstration of each instrument and hear about each performing ensemble. If your student is interested, sign up packets are going home at child request, or can be found online (see back of this page).

If you have any questions, or your student did not bring home a signup packet please email me - or call - 857-6327.



Fourth and fifth grade students may join the orchestra. We have a beginner and advanced orchestra. Students who have completed one year of study on their instrument will be ready for advanced orchestra.  The instruments in the orchestra are the violin, viola, cello and bass.   


Fifth grade students may join the band.  The instruments in the band are the flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, snare drum or xylophone.  


What / When:

Each group meets at the beginning of school, one day per week at 8:00 - 8:40am.  The band meets on Monday, first year orchestra students on Wednesday, and students continuing orchestra for a second year on Tuesday.  These are “large group rehearsals.” All instruments in that ensemble meet together on stage to practice as a group.


In addition, each student will receive a thirty-minute, small group lesson during the school day once per week. The small group lessons are grouped by instrument and split into sections based on their instrument & classroom teacher team.  Students report to my classroom and are responsible for checking in with their teacher and making up any work they might have missed.


Students will need to get an instrument to be a part of the band or orchestra.  There are a few instrumental rental companies who work with families throughout the state.  Additional information can be found on the sign up page.  


Starting Date:

In-school lessons will start the week of September 19th and before-school rehearsals will begin the week of October 3rd.  Lesson times will be shared once signups have concluded.


More information and how to sign up can be found in the Band & Orchestra Handbook (see back of this page). If you do not have internet access, please call my classroom: Tyson Valyou - 857-6327.


I’m looking forward to another exciting year of musical growth!


 - Mr. Valyou