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EWSD Board Engagement - May 7

April 30, 2019
What makes a school work well for every student? How do we identify and nurture each student’s appetite for learning? How do we meet their different needs and make learning accessible?

Last year, the EWSD Board and administration developed a vision for the District:

  • Growing hearts and minds, for a better today and tomorrow: every day, every way, every one.

This year, the Board has been working to learn how to make the growth described in the vision a reality -- for everyone, every day. As part of this effort, the Board has been studying equity. A focus on equity can help school leaders, teachers, students, parents, and community members work together to improve outcomes for everyone.

The EWSD Board would like to share what they have learned about equity in schools with the community. They also want to take the opportunity to listen to the experiences that community members have had and are having in our schools.

The Board expects to address topics like:

      • What is equity?
      • How did equity or a lack of equity impact your school experiences?
      • Will equity uplift your student with new opportunities?
      • … and strengthen the Vermont workforce?
      • How does equity shape our investments and impact your taxes?

What the Board hears will help guide EWSD decision-making in building budgets and planning the future of our schools.

Everyone in the community is invited to attend a special meeting to learn about the equity framework and how it is affecting decisions in the District on Tuesday, May 7 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the Essex Middle School cafeteria. Light refreshments will be served.