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2019-2020 Kindergarten Registration

Below is a letter by the Essex Junction kindergarten principals that was sent out to families of preschoolers already in EWSD, or whose families receive Act 166 (state) funds for external pre-K programs.
Hiawatha Families: K screening day is on May 9. You will receive information about this in the mail by April 19.
If you are new to the community, please visit our EWSD kindergarten page for more information on registering. Contact the district, at (802) 878-8168 or, if you are not sure which town you live in.
February 22, 2019 
Welcome to our new class of kindergarten families. Your child's name is on our list of students eligible for kindergarten in the fall of 2019.
As a family that is registered for Act 166, you are considered pre-registered for kindergarten in Essex Junction.
If you will not be attending an Essex Junction kindergarten in the fall of 2019 (and have received the mailing), please call Summit Street School office at 802-878-1377.

We have enclosed a packet of information for you, and we have highlighted on the front of the registration, the information to complete to proceed with kindergarten registration. 

Please return completed packets to Summit Street School by March 29.

All packets are processed at Summit Street School, you may drop your packet at the Hiawatha office and it will be sent to Summit Street School. 

Kindergarten screening will be held in early May at both Summit Street School and Hiawatha Elementary School.

We will send letters with a location and time by April 19. 

In Essex Junction, students in kindergarten are assigned to either Summit Street School or Hiawatha Elementary School. We look forward to working with your family and meeting our new class of kindergarten students. 

Suzanne Grunedling, Principal, Summit Street School

Katherine Grykien, Principal, Hiawatha Elementary School