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Important info. for Hiawatha's Mini Milers!

Dear Hiawatha Families,

Allison Van Steensburg and I would like to personally invite your child to participate in Mini Milers.  We had the opportunity to come and visit all of the classrooms last Friday and answered questions that the children had about the program.  We wondered if you had questions as well.  So, we compiled a list of things families and children have asked about in the past and hope this might be helpful to you.  Registration is now open! Your last day to register will be Friday, March 29th.  
What is Mini Milers?
Mini Milers is a ten-week running program for students in K-3rd grade where "children learn about and practice fitness, good nutrition, citizenship, helping hands, and goal setting all while having fun and being safe. Children meet weekly with their Mini Miler Leaders to get motivated, educated and keep track of their progress."
Do I need to be a fast runner to participate in this program?  
This is a non-competitive event.  We spoke with all of the children about running the just right pace for themselves.  It is similar to how they read the just right book from their browsing boxes.  We are all at different spots. We asked everyone, "Is it was okay to walk, skip, jog, run at a fast pace or go slowly? Absolutely!"  You do not need to be fast to join in on the fun! Nor do you need to be an athlete.  This is something we are doing for ourselves and a habit that we hope to encourage and instill at a young age. 
How is it possible for the kids to run 26.2 miles in ten weeks?
The first goal of Mini Milers is to get the kids excited about moving their bodies and learning about healthy lifestyles.  I love the thought that all it takes to run is a pair of sneakers.  We don't need fancy clothes or a gym membership to be healthy. With a pair of sneakers, you can walk out your front door and be active wherever you are in the world.
With the help of families, students were easily able to complete a full marathon.  During off days and on the weekends, families made plans to walk, hike and explore their neighborhoods. Last year, it was so much fun to receive emails from everyone about activities that the whole family was participating in to help their child reach their goals.  We can't do it without you!
Do I need to attend the Wednesday afternoon sessions with my child?
No.  Once you've registered your child, you are set.  From 2:45 to 3:45, we will have 20 plus volunteers there to greet your child, help them stretch, run and walk with them, count laps, and ensure that they are checked out at the end of the day.  All of the volunteers have completed a background check with RunVT and many of our volunteers are returning for a second or third year!
We would like to invite you to visit us anytime and would love to have you run or walk with us or come to cheer us on any afternoon! We will also be inviting you to a final event at the end of the season to celebrate all we've accomplished.  We'll keep you posted about this!
What about Village Kids? If my child goes to the afterschool program, can they still participate?
Absolutely! I feel so fortunate to be a part of this community.  Mini Milers has great support from our teachers, principal, families, and EJRP. The children in 1st-3rd grades will be picked up by their counselors and return to the activities planned by Village Kids for the afternoon.  If we have enough Kindergarten students registered, EJRP will send the bus back to Hiawatha at the end of our program to bring students to Maple Street.  So, grab a friend and register today!
Who are the Leaders this year?
We are so fortunate to have a great group of leaders.  A huge thank you to:
Mrs. Grykien and Mr. Rasco for their support! As well as the following leaders who make this whole thing possible: Allison Van Steensburg, Mary Beth Funtow, Elyse Boisvert, Frank Bell, Katie Martin, Jen Nolin, Jill Hammond, Meghan Belyea, Chelsea Tucker, Allie Dousevicz, Nikki Mayhue, Carolyn West, Ervina Iseric, Joshua Bushee, Amanda Dall, Ashley Arcovitch, Stacie Gabert, Jackie Marino, Alex Martin, Eric and Rebecca Black and Katina Barnier.  
What if I can't afford the registration fee?
RunVT has scholarships available for anyone who needs some extra help. In addition to those scholarships, families who receive free and reduced lunch can participate in this program for free! Please do not let money stop you from enrolling.  Contact Mrs. Grykien at 878-1384 for assistance.
When does registration close?
Registration closes on Friday, March 29th.  We will not be able to accommodate late registrations this year.  This is a very popular program.  Last year, we had 104 students participate...almost half the school! I know how disappointing it can be for some students to find that a program is closed.  Please take the time to register now.  And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me by phone at 734-2946 or email me at  
Here is the link to register:
Soon the hallways will be filled with excited children ready to run.
We are looking forward to another great year!
Laurie Morgan and the Mini Miler Team



Laurie Morgan
(802) 734-2946