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Global Leadership Program Takes Part in Virtual Exchange

February 8, 2021


In each of the last six years, the Essex High School Global Leadership Program has taken part in an exchange program with students from Belgium, Denmark, and France. Due to COVID-19, the exchange looked a little different this year. 


Instead of flying overseas, the international exchange went virtual, with 52 GLP students and another 62 students from Europe participating from January 16-27. Each student started with a short introduction video that was shared online. If you visit the link with the introduction videos, in the top right-hand corner you will see where you can view the students from Spain, Belgium, and Denmark. 


There was a pilot group of students and teachers who kicked off the exchange by getting to know each other first and then learning in a small group setting how the process would play out. Once the details were finalized, the students were able to share how it would all work with their classmates.


Small cohorts of students (four or five) were created, with two GLP students matched up with a mix of students from Spain, Belgium, and Denmark. The EHS students served as the hosts, reaching out to their European counterparts to set up a time for Zoom conversations. This was no small task because they had to coordinate across different time zones. They had a common set of questions for one another to use as a starting point. Once they connected, some of the groups talked for a half-hour, while some talked for almost two hours! 


Each student provided a write-up about their conversations and took pictures as well, which were then posted on the GLP Instagram account. Students who took part also participated in the VIA Conversations blog prompt, which has been in place since 2013. Students were asked about their New Year’s resolutions and there were 145 responses


“I am actually thrilled with how well everything went. Everyone really enjoyed it. We're all eager to make sure our global connections are strong, despite the challenges we’re all facing at the same time,” said EHS Global Leadership Program Director Jill Prado. 


Learn more about the EHS Global Leadership Program online.


GLP students in an international exhange