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It's Ice Skating Time

All PE classes will be going ice skating at EHS.  Each class will get to go to the rink twice. Please see the schedule below so you know which day your child will be skating. All classes will walk to and from the high school on the day they have health class.  Parents are invited to walk with their child’s class and help tie laces at the rink.  Please make sure you have registered as a volunteer.


For the safety reasons, all children are required to wear helmets, snowpants and gloves when on the ice.   We have a limited number of helmets available for those who do not own one, please let Mrs. Hutton know you need to borrow one.  There are skates for students and adults at the rink, however if you have your own skates you are encouraged to bring those.  If you need further information contact Mrs. Hutton at 857-7667 or  


Wednesday, March 20th & March 27th:  ALL First and Third Grade


Thursday, March 21st & March 28th:  ALL Kindergarten and Second Grade