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EWSD Applies for $725,000 in School Safety Grants

Earlier this summer, EWSD applied for grant funds under the US Department of Justice COPS School Safety and Violence Prevention Program. If approved, the District would be awarded up to $500,000 for safety projects to be expended over a two year period. The funding proposals would further improve the Public Address (PA) system, replace aging doors, install an integrated door alarm system, align legacy security camera platforms to a single cloud-based system, instal blue light mass notification across key areas to alert of lockdown or active threat, purchase additional radio equipment, create safe rooms in each school for special education students, and purchase of a web-based emergency planning management system. Overall this funding award would result in significant safety and security improvements at every school in EWSD.
More recently, EWSD schools submitted funding proposals in the latest round of School Safety Grants provided by the VT Department of Public Safety. In total, the District may receive up to $225,000 in state funding for improvements that will strengthen security across all schools. Funds will be disbursed to schools who will be awarded grants as early as September 2019. EWSD is requesting the funding to install a district-wide door alert and monitoring system across our schools. The sensors will alert the District Security Office when an exterior door is propped open or does not completely close and lock so that they can physically secure the door. This system will provide students and staff the confidence that all exterior doors are properly secured during school hours. This notification system can be expended in the future to allow the administration to immediately lock all exterior doors remotely when needed. The grant will provide funding for the software, hardware, monitoring stations, installation, and training to run the system. 
With both of these grant requests, EWSD has partnered with Essex Police Department and is working collaboratively to strengthen our emergency preparedness and crisis response. These grant funding initiatives would offer additional resources for projects that support the District’s and our Public Safety partner’s overall efforts to ensure a safe learning environment for all students and staff.