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Meet the New EWSD Board Members!

EWSD Board

Laura Taylor (Essex Town) and Marlon Verasamy (Essex Junction) have both joined the Essex Westford School District Board, after being elected on April 12, 2022. Get to know each new member a little better in this quick Q&A: 


Tell us a little bit about your background and what specific strengths you bring to the EWSD Board?

Laura Taylor (LT): “I am a long-time Essex resident and the parent of two EWSD students, who attend EHS and EMS. I have taught Spanish at Milton High School since 2001. I have devoted my life to public education and I know how schools work, from the day to day running of a classroom to curriculum planning to budgeting and everything in between. I bring a unique and informed perspective to the Board, as a parent, an educator, and a taxpayer.”


Marlon Verasamy (MV):I'm the parent of an EHS graduate of 2021. I was a Meteorologist when I served in the Air Force and am currently one for the National Weather Service here in Burlington. Through that I have learned throughout my career the importance of not only a quality education, but the opportunities that a STEM background can bring. My time in the military and with NWS has also given me a strong sense of service to the public and our community. Listening to the needs of others and being able to effectively communicate with both the board and the community to allow us to continue shaping the future of our district.”


What motivated you to want to become an EWSD Board member?

LT: “I am an active and engaged community member, and now that my children are older, now seemed like an ideal time for me to become even more involved. As an educator, I have advocated on behalf of my students in Milton for over two decades; I am looking forward to advocating for Essex students as a member of the EWSD School Board.”


MV: “My daughter honestly. I've been lucky enough to watch her grow and thrive in EWSD schools at ADL and Essex High School. That is not to say that it wasn't without its challenges. As a mixed family, there have been challenges that she faced in the schools that other BIPOC families have gone through as well. I feel through our experiences, I can bring another voice and perspective, along with the voices of children and parents that spoke out so bravely over the last couple of years.


What is the most important responsibility of a school board?

LT:The EWSD website says it best: that the purpose of the Board is to see that the schools are well run, but not to run them. Through oversight and thoughtful policy development, the School Board supports the dedicated faculty and staff to provide an excellent, equitable public education to each and every student in the district.

MV: “To ensure that schools are well run. Our statement straight from the board webpage says it best, "The Board provides fiscal oversight, policy development, and other resources to enable teachers, administrators, and staff members to prepare students to meet standards set by the state and federal agencies." Through that oversight and policy development, we can help improve the experience of our students, staff, and our community.