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Westford Fifth Grader Meets Lt. Governor Gray

March 8, 2022

Molly and Maisy

Maisy, a fifth-grader at Westford, was assigned a biography piece on a famous Vermonter in Ms. Foster's fourth-grade class and she chose to research Lieutenant Governor Molly Gray. When asked why she had selected the Lt. Governor, Maisy responded that she wanted to write about a girl, and it also didn't hurt that she has a sister named Molly. 


After completing the assignment, she decided to send a copy of her finished product to her writing inspiration. Gray wrote a handwritten note of thanks back to Maisy and invited her to visit once it was safe (this took place during the height of the pandemic).  


A few months ago, after a chance encounter at Tech Jam, Maisy's father and brother ran into Lt. Gov. Gray and brought up Maisy’s piece. Lt. Gov. Gray lit up with excitement and said that she keeps that letter on her desk to inspire her to listen to the voices of young Vermonters and once again, Maisy was invited to visit the State House. 


The trip finally took place at the end of February and Maisy was able to talk to Gray about her role as the Lt. Governor, a mutual love of bunnies, special education, rainbow loom jewelry, and compared the rules of the Senate chamber to her classroom. She also received a tour of the Senate chamber!