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Class Offerings for Middle School Students

Dear Middle School Families,

I’m writing today to let you know about learning opportunities for our middle school students.  Each year, we use the master schedule as a tool to meet the needs of students. Developmentally, middle school students thrive in an environment of both choice and structure.

Next year's schedule ensures that students will have exposure to regular specials such as art, music, PE, and health.  Additionally, students will also have a choice in elective courses. I am asking that you go over the Course Descriptions school year 2018/19 with your child.  Current homeroom teachers will do the same as well as ask students to identify their preference on the Class Options for School Year 2018/19 Google Form.  

The information provided on the Google form will be used to help build the master schedule of classes for all middle school students.  It is important that your child think about the content of the class and their interests when identifying preferences. This is an opportunity to make choices based on interests, not friend groups.  Please talk with your child about their preferences.

Specifically, it would be helpful to discuss:

  • What courses are you excited about?
  • What are your top priorities?
  • Why did you make those choices?
  • Do you have a balanced day where you are challenging yourself and in your comfort zone?

Special notes:


  • Algebra:


All Grade 8 students will take Math 8.  Due to the increase in math concept competencies required by the Common Core State Standards for Math 8 is in addition to Algebra.  Any student interested in Algebra will have an option to take it in addition to Math 8. This is a 5 day per week class for the full school year.


  • French (Intro, French A & French B)


Intro French is open to all students and meets two days per week.  

All 7th grade students are strongly encouraged to take French A.  This class is required for students interested in taking French B during their 8th grade year.   French A is open to all 7th grade students even if you didn’t take intro French. All ⅚ students who took intro French should sign up for French A as well.  If students do not take French A in 7th grade, they will not have the prerequisite learning foundation to be able to take French B in 8th grade.

French B, taken in 8th grade, is a five day per week, year long commitment.   Students who demonstrate proficiency in French B during 8th grade will have the choice of taking French II at EHS as 9th grade students.  


Marcie Lewis