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Update on Plastic Straws in the Cafeteria

August 22, 2018 - We are excited to announce that Westford School is making a change towards reducing plastic waste in our cafeteria by eliminating plastic straws. Families should be aware that drinks sent to school from home can include straws-- however, they will no longer be offered for students to take from the cafeteria.

The environmental impacts of single use plastics are becoming increasingly significant and we are encouraged by the awareness of this global issue many of our students have shown.

Sixth grader Willa Wilson created a presentation with data showing the negative effects straws have on the environment. She demonstrated commitment to this important issue throughout last school year and created a petition to have the straws removed.

Her data supporting this change, combined with overwhelming support from the school community, led to the decision to remove the straws from the cafeteria. This one simple change will prevent a great deal of plastic from entering landfills, where straws remain for up to 200 years before they decompose.

Though this change represents a transition for all members of our school community, we hope this small change can lead to similar choices with positive and sustainable impacts.

We are encouraged and inspired by students’ initiative demonstrated in pursuit of meaningful causes and look forward to students discovering that their actions do have real world impacts.

You can find Willa’s presentation about plastic straw pollution here.