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A Call for Responsible Use of Personal Devices

August 31, 2018 -
Dear Middle School Parents,

The first week of school has gone well, and I am eager to face the challenges and celebrate the successes with you that this school year will bring.   

I’m reaching out to you about the safe and appropriate use of technology.

Our first challenge this year is keeping our kids safe, which requires supervision that many middle-school students may feel is an invasion of their privacy.  

As you know, computer and personal device use is widespread in our society and is serious enough that there are state and federal laws related to their usage at home, at work, and at school. 

I would like to start this school year by asking you to take the time to check all the tech devices and accounts that your child uses.

I encourage you to set the expectation that your child share with you their passwords and turn over their device to you at night before bedtime.  

Our students are vulnerable to the dangers of social media.  Social media platforms provide a means, if left unsupervised, to do or say things that can often lead to regret, embarrassment and, even worse puts their safety at risk. 

I don’t say this to scare you, but rather as a rationale for you to know the content of your child’s electronic communications.

In my experience, students say and do things electronically that do not reflect what we see in their face-to-face interactions. 

Even if you think your child would never fall victim to these dangers, please make a plan to both talk to your child and check their devices and accounts.

We will continue our educational efforts, including upcoming workshops and guest speakers to promote safe, appropriate tech use.  Additionally, you can expect details regarding a change in our expectations regarding the use of personal devices such as cell phones at school next week.

I look forward to the strong school and family partnership it takes in keeping all our students safe.


Marcie Lewis, Principal

Marcie Lewis