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Stick to the Sidewalk, for Better Bus Safety

January 16, 2019 - A bit about entering and leaving school at the beginning and end of the school day: Although it may be the shortest route, please do not walk in between the school buses when they are parked out front loading or unloading the children. 

School buses have 'blind spots' that are difficult to see.  While there are mirrors aimed at those hard to see places, the bus driver's attention is primarily on the children getting on or off the bus, not on the space immediately in front of or alongside the bus. 

With the addition of winter's snow & ice, it would be too easy to have someone slip and fall out of sight. 

For the same reasons, we have been guiding the children directly to the sidewalk when they get off the bus in the morning, as opposed to walking alongside the buses toward the entrances.

Walking well behind the last bus or in front of the first bus is absolutely fine.