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Westford Students Advocate to Raise Pride Flag

May 20, 2019 

Dear Westford Community Members,

Rainbow Pride Flag The rainbow flag, commonly known as the Pride Flag, is a symbol of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) social movements.  

Each of the six colors has a meaning; red means life, orange means healing, yellow means sunshine, green means nature, blue means harmony, and purple means spirit. The month of June is commonly chosen to recognize LGBT people and a commitment to equality.

Westford students requested and gained permission to fly this flag.  This process included making a formal request, including a petition, to the EWSD Superintendent and School Board.  

Student leaders want visitors and members of the Westford Community to know that our school is a safe place for all.

I believe this is a continuation of student voice and advocacy following their raising of the Black Lives Matters Flag last school year.  

Students are committed to doing more than talking about equality and social justice.

They expressed a desire to be an inclusive school that goes the extra mile to be a welcoming school for all.  They brought forth the acknowledgement that showing social equality is important to students of all backgrounds.

In summary, I hope that you find this decision to be supportive of student voice and of raising awareness of social issues, as well as being visually welcoming.



Marcie Lewis, Principal, Westford School