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"Don't Pollute Nature" by Penny - 4th Grade

Penny H. 

4th Grader at Westford School


Don't Pollute Nature


Have you ever been camping and when you left, you left trash on the ground? Or have you or your parent driven through the woods and thought about the gas pipe? Well if you have, tell them to stop polluting. The animals, plants, and more are being harmed, or even killed. If you know someone that loves animals or plants, and they pollute nature, tell them to stop. I have three reasons why you should not pollute nature.

The first reason why you should not pollute nature is because you're killing animals. If you leave trash on the ground outside, an animal smells or sees it and thinks, ¨Food!¨ Many animals have died because of this.  For example, one time my brother accidentally left a wrapper in the woods. And when it was night time, we were having smores,  and we heard a crackling sound. We looked to our left, and sure enough, a deer was trying to carry the wrapper back to its home. My mom ran over to shoo the deer away and grabbed the wrapper.

The second reason why you should not pollute nature is because you actually get oxygen from plants. According to scientists, oxygen is made from plants and trees. So actually if you or your family pollutes, the gas is killing plants and therefore, you're making less oxygen for yourself. It is important to not pollute because if we keep polluting, our earth will be gone just like that.

One last reason you should not pollute is because pollution causes people to get sick and maybe even die. When someone pollutes, it not only kills animals and plants, but it can kill humans. Have you ever gone behind a school bus and the gas from the gas pipe smelled horrible? That's an example of pollution. And if people keep doing it, more and more people, animals, and plants will be killed.

To conclude my essay, you should not pollute nature. If you do, you're killing animals, polluting our oxygen,  and you may even cause sicknesses. It's important not to pollute. Pollution has been happening since gas powered machines have been invented, and will keep happening till they are gone. Even if you leave a piece of trash on the ground, an animal will still try to take it, and eat it. There is no reason to pollute unless you are trying to take your oxygen away from yourself, kill animals, or kill plants. Don't pollute nature.