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EHS Student Earns a $100,000 Scholarship!

February 15, 2021


Essex High School is proud to congratulate Samikchhaya Pradhan for recently earning a $100,000 college scholarship! Her story is one of a new American. The story of a true patriot. The story of a young girl and a proud refugee. 


Samikchhaya grew up in Nepal and lived her entire life in a refugee camp. She has Bhutanese citizenship, but her family along with so many others were forced to leave their country and live in camps in Nepal. These people were not wanted by either country.  Samikchhaya loved her home in Nepal and shares many childhood memories that we can all relate to. 


Fast forward to 2015 when her family arrived in Vermont. She entered ADL as a seventh-grader who spoke no English, had no friends, and the cafeteria food was a mystery to her. She persevered during that time and since she entered EHS, Samikchhaya has worked tirelessly during the last four years to improve her English skills, as well as understand the American, Vermont, and EHS cultures. She has remained steadfast in her faith and determination for justice and fairness. 


Early on, she spoke of wanting to serve the United State because it was the first place that wanted her. She has had her heart set on joining the Air Force to realize her dream of flying fighter planes and to serve her country. This summer she learned about Norwich University and became determined to be admitted and to join the Corps of Cadets. Samikchhaya accomplished her dream when she found out that she was admitted with a $100,000 scholarship! 


Samikchhaya will be the first in her family to complete school beyond fourth grade, the first to graduate high school, and the first to attend college. She is so grateful to so many at EHS and remembers how kind, patient, and encouraging her teachers have been along the way. Essex High School welcomed her, helped her grow, and helped her realize her dreams.