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UVM College Major Fair 11/15

Join UVM for a a Major Fair - Come learn about the different options for majors and talk with people about your choices. This is a career fair for majors. There will be professionals from many different backgrounds and degrees on hand to talk about experiences. 

November 15th, from 6:00pm - 8:00pm @ the Davis Center, in the Silver Maple Ballroom


From Mike Fradin at the the UVM Discover (YOU)niversity program:

This idea came to us while reflecting on our college experiences. I, for example, started as a Biology major and ended up switching to Business, but I had already taken a semester's worth of classes that I did not need for Biology. When I ran the math, it came out to be close to $30,000 in classes that I took that no longer applied to my major! I wanted to find a way to give prospective students the chance to see what options there are out there for college BEFORE they dive in and possibly make a very costly financial decision. 

The issue at hand is that kids who enter college are expected to know what major or what classes to take right when they enter, yet they have close to nothing to prepare them for that choice. Once the choice has been made to start a major, if you devide to switch then those classes are essentially a sunk cost and, in a way, worthless to you and your major even though you spent possibly 5 to 6 thousand dollars on each class!