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Distance Learning Schedule

The Continuity of Learning, or phase two, will begin on April 13 and will remain in place throughout the end of the school year in June.  


We are looking to modify our school schedule, beginning with the week of April 6, to prepare for the Continuity of Learning phase.  Every Monday and Wednesday are B Days. Every Tuesday and Thursday are A Days. Friday will be Flex Friday which includes work time for students, advisory check-ins, health and well being activities, school counselor check-ins, class meetings, teachers will provide feedback to students, and teachers can collaborate and plan the next week’s lessons.  We have shortened the length of the blocks to forty-five minutes each as teachers will be focusing their instruction on the essential learnings, or proficiencies, still to be covered in their course. Teachers should communicate the course proficiencies that will be addressed in the Continuity of Learning phase to both students and parents.


Monday, April 6 : B Day

Tuesday, April 7: A Day

Wednesday, April 8: B Day

Thursday, April 9: A Day

Friday, April 10: Flex Friday 


Students should expect communication from their teachers on the morning of their class.  Teachers should only be contacting B Day students on B Days and only contacting A Day students on A Days.  This should cut down on the numbers of emails students are receiving.


Google classroom is the platform used for communication and information exchanges between students and teachers.


Please view the following link, as it will redirect you to a google sheet containing the distance learning schedule for EHS.