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Honoring Those Retiring This Year

Honoring Those Retiring This Year 

As the 2019-2020 school year comes to a close, our School Years Eve Committee (SYE) and the EHS community would like to recognize and thank all those that are retiring this year. We wish you well in your next chapter of life, and thank you endlessly for your individual accolades during your time spent at EHS. Congratulations! 

Deb Kalkstein-Lamb                                                         Bill Laware
8 Years at EHS                                                                    20 Years at EWSD
SAP Counselor and Prevention Coordinator                 Director of Safety and Security 

DKL                                           BL

Vince Gonillo                                                                  Tom McConnell
17 Years at EHS                                                                 20 Years at EHS 
Director of Technology                                                        Math Teacher

VG                                         TM


Louise Strong                                                                Brian Walsh
19 Years at EHS                                                                  29 Years at EHS
Assistant Principal                                                           Social Studies Teacher 

LS                                               BW