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End of Year Retrieval and Return Events

EHS End of Year 
Retrieval and Return Events Including Cap and Gown Distribution


Dear Students and Parents;


As we wind down this extraordinary year, we have planned some opportunities to pick up items left at school and return books and other items to EHS. For seniors this will include Cap and Gown Distribution.  Our goal is to have a safe and healthy process.  With everyone working together to stay smart and stay safe we can achieve this easily.


Seniors:  Return of chrome books, equipment, books, instruments etc will be combined with  your cap and gown distribution. Lockers will have been emptied and contents bagged for pick up as well. 


All other grades:  Keep chrome books but return books, other equipment, instruments etc and pick up locker contents. 


Student’s names should be written inside all textbooks and sticky notes or labels used on other materials so as not to damage them. 



Senior Days:  6/8-6/9      
June 8th:  9 am to 12 pm A-C
               12 pm to 3 pm D-H
une 9th:  9 am to 12 pm I- PA
               12 pm to 3 pm Pe-Z


Juniors:  6/10       
June 10th:  9 am to 12 pm A-Kn
                 12 pm to 3 pm Ko-Z


Sophomores:  6/11
June 11th:  9 am to 12 pm A- Le
                   12 pm to 3 pm Li- Z


Freshman:  6/12
June 12th:  9 am to 12 pm A-La
                 12 pm to 3 pm Le-Z 


How :  

To comply with CDC and other guidelines we will have a very tight process. It is important for the health and safety of everyone that this process is adhered to completely.  Those students driving will enter EHS campus from the Colchester Road (railroad) side and be directed to a parking area. Cars will be parked in every other space. We will have Security on hand to direct you where to park and when you may leave your car to approach the school. Security and other staff will explain the process which is designed to keep the flow of students going while maintaining social distance. If you plan to walk or bike please proceed to the front horseshoe area by the flagpole and we will direct you from there. Cars will exit via parking lot A and Essex Rescue. 


Please bring a face covering with you if possible. This can be a mask or bandana to cover your mouth and nose.  You should put it on as you approach the building. If you do not have one, a disposable mask will be provided for you.


No matter how great the temptation, we cannot allow socializing and congregating on the school property. We know this is hard on everyone but we all must follow the public health rules at this time.  

If any family is uncomfortable coming on to campus at this time, please email or and we can make alternative arrangements.