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Remote Student Materials Distribution

Your remote student will be provided opportunities to come to EHS to gather materials from their teachers. Material distribution is by appointment only. Below are the days we will be taking appointments and organizing a time with the remote students/families to come gather their materials. 



Thursday, Sept. 10

Friday, Sept. 11

Monday, Sept. 14

Tuesday, Sept. 15

Thursday, Sept. 24

Friday, Sept. 25

Monday, Sept. 28

Tuesday, Sept. 29


After an appointment is made with the EHS Main Office, remote families can retrieve their school-materials from our safety and support team at the main entrance. To make an appointment, please call 802-879-7121 or email OR a main office personnel will contact the remote family if we see there are materials needing to be picked up. Please note: Students should be contacting their teachers to confirm their materials are ready for pick-up before making an appointment with the Main Office. 

*Remote families can also drop off materials anytime and leave them in the EHS drop box, located outside the main entrance.