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Student Schedules for the 21-22 School Year

Schedules will be available in the evening of June 1st for returning students to review for the 21-22 school year.  To access your schedule for next year, log-in to your student portal to Powerschool, then click on the icon along the left side called "Next Year's Schedule".  Schedules will not be viewable for incoming 9th graders.  Incoming 9th graders will receive a printed schedule during their visit to EHS on either June 2nd or June 9th.  Incoming students who do not attend the visit will receive a paper copy of their schedule from their school counselor the day after their school's scheduled visit.  
Students who will be in grades 10-12 in the 21-22 school year who wish to make a schedule change are able to do so starting on June 2nd by emailing their school counselor.  The EHS School Counselors are not hosting an in-person add/drop.  Please email your school counselor to request the change you would like to make, and give as much detail as possible to help your school counselor work to find a solution, though not every requested schedule change is possible.  We will do our best!  Incoming 9th graders can request a schedule change after they receive their schedule by speaking with their Middle School Counselor.  School counselors are not able to make schedule changes that have the intention of adding a new Early Release, Late Arrival, requests to be in a class with a friend or for any other reasons other than meeting your academic needs.  Meeting your academic needs is the only reason a school counselor will make a schedule change.  
It is surely exciting to be thinking about 21-22.  Be in touch with your school counselor if you identified an error with your schedule, have realized you forgot to sign up for a course or have had a change of heart in your academic/career plans.  We are here to work with you and help you reach your goals.  Please reach out by email to your school counselor if you have any questions, if you notice an error, or if you would like to request a change.  We will stop making schedule changes on the last day of school June 15th.  
Andrew Roy 
Director of School Counseling