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EHS Senate Elections

We are pleased to share with you information about the upcoming EHS Senate Elections. Each class elects 15 Senators to the Senate. ALL Senate seats are up for election/re-election. Now is the time to get involved.  
To be placed on the ballot for the upcoming election, candidates must follow these steps:
1. Print or pick up a copy of the signature sheet. 
      a. Sheets can be picked up from Mr. Burnett in C-203, Mrs. Isham C-203, or in the Social Studies Office. 
2. Obtain the signature of 25 members of your class who endorse your candidacy.  
3. Take a clear picture of your signature sheet to be uploaded to the candidate Google Form.
4. Fill out this Google Form by Wednesday, April 27th at 3 pm(Please do not fill out the form until you have the signature sheet completed.)
5. Engage in a clean campaign. (If you wish to hang posters at school, you must seek approval from EHS Administration)
Senate Elections will be held outside of the EHS Cafeteria on Monday, May 2nd, and Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022. EHS students in each grade will be asked to vote for 5 candidates. The 15 candidates who receive the most votes will be selected as the class Senators.