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EWSD Transportation Update - 11.27.18

At the EWSD Board meeting on Tuesday, November 27, the Board received the following update regarding transportation.

November 27, 2018 -

Implementation of Student Transportation Plan Status Update. (For past Transportation Updates visit EWSD's Transportation page and scroll down.)


  • The current report from Mountain Transit is 4-6 weeks until at least 5 licensed drivers available and join the one licensed driver they currently have on staff.
  • Timeline of current drivers in training (assuming passage of tests and retention) will have EWSD implementing transportation for Village schools in January.
  • For the optimal introduction of transportation for all Village schools -- minimizing wait times at schools, communication with families and overall orientation needs of students to busing - the district will wait for all 6 drivers to be ready.


  • Met with Admin Assistants / Registrars from all k-8 schools 11/19 to get feedback, review transportation information tools, and prepare for EJ implementation
  • Bus Evacuation Drills have been completed by all contractors
  • Electrical upgrade to Founder’s Garage complete. Greatly improved diesel block heater reliability, yard lighting, and lot plow-ability.


  • Share draft routes with Principals, Contractor, DPW
  • Continue logging calendar items for EJ implementation
  • Planning and design work continues around the construction of a shelter on Educational Drive near the existing Green Mountain Transit bus stop.
  • Message families regarding winter weather tips for yellow buses and GMT Public Transportation
  • Meeting between EWSD Special Ed and Tech Center staff to explore transportation efficiencies
  • Attending VTrans public transportation forum Weds 11/28 to highlight EWSD ridership bump on #2 & #4 and advocate for continued service in FY 2019-2020.


  • Trainees who do not pass at various stages of CDL process become discouraged and quit
  • Colchester Islands bus arrangement still tenuous, continuing to monitor. If this arrangement dissolves it would require 1 driver, but eliminate the following item.
  • Self-performing transportation for 2 ADL students.
  • Mountain Transit pulling existing drivers for service elsewhere.


  • Ridership:
    • GMT Public Transportation ridership (One-way-trips)
      • October: 552 trips route #2, 1247 trips route #4, 21 school days
      • Represents an increase of 280 trips from the previous month on #2, #4 holding steady.


To learn more about EWSD's planning, including bus routes and policies, vist our EWSD Transportation Page.

To view the EWSD board meeting from November 27, visit the EWSD homepage or YouTube's VT Schools playlist, maintained by RETN (opens in a new window.)