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EWSD Superintendent Report - November

Social and Emotional Learning: As a leadership team, we know our District needs to focus on social and emotional learning (SEL). We need a process to ensure that our children and adults acquire and apply the knowledge and skills necessary to show empathy for others and develop and maintain positive relationships. We have a team of administrators researching SEL competencies/standards and school districts that have excelled in this area.  


Focus on Nutrition: We welcomed nearly 60 parents and community members on November 8 to participate in the first Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Nutrition Advisory group meeting.


Budget Update: Finance and Accounting Director Kathy Barron and COO Brian Donahue have been reporting revenues and expenditures on a quarterly basis. Brian and I have been working through a budget process with the principals and directors for FY’20. Late last spring the Vermont Agency of Education conducted a fiscal monitoring of our federal grants. We had very few findings and in October we learned that our Correction Action Plan for the findings was accepted. They will visit us again in 2019.  


Family and Community Communication: Our first edition of the EWSD News for families and community members was sent on November 16 and will be a monthly occurrence.  


Vermont School Accountability System: As part of the new Vermont School Accountability System, the Vermont Agency of Education will conduct Education Quality Reviews (EQR) in each district which includes two review processes (1) Annual Snapshot Review and (2) Integrated Field Review (IFR). Through this process each school district will be evaluated on the following five domains (1) Academic Proficiency, (2) Personalization, (3) Safe Healthy Schools, (4) High Quality Staffing, and (5) Investment Priorities. EWSD was selected for an Integrated Field Review (IFR) in 2018-19. This means that our schools will be hosting a visiting team on February 7. The visiting team will be comprised of Vermont AOE staff, as well as IFR team members from other districts. In addition, our IFR team members will be assigned to go out and visit other schools and provide feedback to those host schools sometime in the winter or spring.


Odds and Ends:

  • EWSD is moving away from a focus on the ALICE threat assessment protocols and along with the state, will begin training for the Run, Hide, Fight method. Training for leaders will take place in December, and dates will be identified to train all staff in FY’20.
  • Westford School will begin locking their doors beginning Monday, December 3, 2018.

Beth Cobb
EWSD Superintendent