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National Technical Honor Society 2019

On March 20th, students at the Center for Technology received honors for their high achievement in their career and technical education fields.  This years inductees excelled both in and out of the classrooms at CTE.  NTHS students embody all of the attributes and talents needed to embrace a clear vision for tomorrow's workforce. 

Link to Photo Album from NTHS Ceremony

National Technical Honor Society Members 2019

New Inductees

Luke Bills
Samual LaPoint
Corin Sprout
Matisse Begue
Benjamin Buscher
Eli Kline
Adam Bourdeau
Nabin Nepal
Makayla Driscoll
Ton Doung
Sarah Jaquith
Denetra Reeves
Chloe-Mae Rushford
Kaitlyn Ducharme
Alexia Hathway
Maryam Alchaderchi
Elena Borta
Trinity Messier
Fatumo Mohamed
Ecaterina Placinta
Rachel Shawlinski
Nicole Gelinas
Carly Laudenslager
Evenjalina Wilson
Myla Jacobs
Dominic Begue
Shane Riddell
Thomas Chasse
Grace Arcovitch
Courtney Berscheid
Zachery Billado-Dubie
Kayla Prouty
Oren Goss
Dylan Kinsley
Colby McLaughlin
Alexander Barnes
Ethan Osgood
Julia Sartini
Shanice Bell

Returning NTHS Members

Ethan Maynard
Silas Biggie
Emily Bonning
Kristy Svarczkopf
Judah Avery
Jimmy Jiang
Maliki LaForce
Harper Meli
Katelyn Miles
Makayla Davis
Kayley Hays
Shyanne Roberge
Allyssa Downs
Johannes Everse
Asher Pellett
Kelsey Francis
ThaZin Aye