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CTE Cosmetology 1 Goes Online

May 24, 2020
As instructors in the CTE Cosmetology 1 program, March 16, 2020, delivered us a way outside curveball. How we teach and reach our students in the classroom changed in an instance. 


Not realizing our days together in the classroom would be the old norm and for the remainder of our school year that ‘distance education’ would be our new normal. No formal goodbyes, just a “see ya in two weeks!?”


As a class, we came together to pack up totes with mannequin supplies, books, and computers. The students were in the same mindset and put together their supplies for what we all thought would be a short school shut down.


Now in our tenth week, several more deliveries of materials and supplies have been packed and sent to each student making sure they have everything ‘essential’ for their work. It has been a challenging, exhausting, and fulfilling journey we have taken as a class of 26 students! 


Instructing an ‘online’ course which is a hands-on profession seemed impossible. However, our student’s motivation to continue their professional career has steered the way to make it possible! Distance learning has become an engaging educational experience and we have ALL learned way more than the skills of cosmetology!


The students have completed and reviewed 14 chapters in theory material. They have sent over 322 pictures for evidence of mannequin assignments completed to date and are learning new information and skills every week! 


We have now gone back to reading from the textbook and highlighting information. Students then use the theory study guide workbook. Getting them engaged in ‘off computer’ work seemed important to us and it benefits them to be off the computer. Then they can take a picture and submit it.


We have been able to support them, as in our classroom, with our Pivot Point LAB (which was already online) virtual Google Hangouts to teach theory sessions, and for one-on-one individual support for all the students. We are using school email and Google Classroom for announcements, posting our homework schedule, and our weekly agenda for mannequin assessments. Also, check-ins for attendance which have all proven successful!


We've come together in support of our students with new approaches to educate them and how to deliver what we do. The students have all been amazing in this COVID-19 difficult time and have truly stepped up to finish strong!


Congratulations to all our students. We miss them for sure. They have made the best of the end of their 2019-2020 school year! Even at a distance. From our homes, we gotta ‘reach em' to ‘teach em!'


Quite the experience!


-CTE Cosmetology 1 Instructors