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SkillsUSA National Competition

CTE had an amazing group of 13 students who earned gold medals in Vermont in their respective technical areas. These students, along with 7 staff members, then attended the  week-long SkillsUSA national conference in Atlanta, Georgia and competed with tech students from throughout the United States.   Here are the results:

Cara Edgley placed 3rd in the country in Dental Assisting earning the National Bronze Medal
Asa Fasching & Eli Adams placed 7th in the country in Interactive Application & Video Game Design
Lillian Kirkpatrick placed 7th in the country in Commercial Baking
Owen Stark & Dan Marcou placed 11th in the country in Web Design
Bodwe Kashindi & Stephen Rogers placed 19th in the country in Additive Manufacturing
Matt Lamotte & Ryan Bevins placed 4th in the country in 3-D Visualization & Animation
Indra Ghaley placed 28th in the country in Cosmetology
Kasia Kelly placed 9th in the country for Pin Design
Riyam Al-Janabi and Bodwe Kashindi attended as VT State SkillsUSA Officers  
Congratulations to all of our CTE students and instructors!