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Changes to Employee Requests for Internal Use of EWSD Facilities

Audience: All Staff, Ed Leadership Team 
Contact: Kim Connelly, EWSD Facilities


Dear EWSD Staff,


With an end to COVID restrictions in Vermont in sight, we’re looking forward to resuming normal facility use across our District. The disruption we have experienced in facility use and focus on safety protocols has given us a chance to reflect on the need for greater transparency and smoother processes when it comes to the use of our spaces, as well as a clearer vision for the role of District Operations to build instructional leadership capacity. Our number one priority in Operations is to support instructional leadership to ensure readiness to learn “every day, every way, every one.” 


We want our staff to know about some things that are changing, based on what we’ve learned:


District Safety and Facilities staff will continue to review and approve facility use requests together so that we can provide appropriate staffing and support for individuals using our campus (the departments will actually be merging into one after July 1 to strengthen our collaboration). This includes needs during the school day, not just for evening or weekend events. In fact, as we broaden our instructional day next year with EWSD Reads and continue to partner with EJRP/Essex Rec, this becomes even more important. 


This means we are asking our staff to submit a Facility Use Request rather than directly emailing individual staff members. We get many requests from external groups for space, but meeting the instructional space needs for EWSD comes first. From simple requests for extra tables and chairs to larger uses of our athletic fields by staff for community events outside the school day, the request process helps our team to more effectively collaborate around approvals and logistics and ensure compliance with requirements like liability insurance documentation. Following a standard process helps us ensure our practices are equitable for all EWSD employees.


We know that the system is not perfect. We are planning to implement a work order and scheduling software system over the summer which will offer all staff and community enhanced user features that will make this work even easier. You’ll be hearing more about that as we get closer to implementation. We know these efforts can not succeed without clear communication and partnership around needs and expectations. 


For now, submit a form for any upcoming facility needs. When you do, be sure to follow the steps to create an account so that you can have access to all of the features related to your request, such as searching for space availability and the ability to request more spaces within the EWSD.


We appreciate your cooperation as we move forward and invite you to direct any questions or concerns to Kim Connelly in EWSD Facilities & Safety at 857-7144 or email