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EWSD Transportation Update/Bus Routes - 08.15.18

August 15, 2018

2018-2019 Bus Routes
As the first day of school approaches, the district is short a number of drivers necessary to service all the routes it intends on operating this school year. Currently, the available drivers will only allow the district to begin transporting students attending Essex Elementary, Founders Memorial, Essex Middle School, and Westford (K-12), as well as all the required transportation related to Special Education.


Service historically provided to students attending Essex High School, which with this driver shortage will not be occuring at the beginning of the school year, and launching of new services for Essex Junction K-12 students (serving Hiawatha School, Summit Street School, Thomas Fleming, Albert D. Lawton, and Essex High School) will occur as drivers become available.


The district will be resuming and adding service based on the district’s transportation policy and the following priorities;


  1. Resume service for Essex High School students historically receiving transportation, based on distance to be traveled, condition of roads, and pedestrian/public transport infrastructure, and


  1. Expand service to students based on age of pupils, distance to be traveled, condition of roads, and pedestrian infrastructure.


To be serviced beginning 8/29/18

  • Essex Elementary
  • Founders Memorial School
  • Essex Middle School
  • Westford (K-12)


Priority 1: Resume Service

  • Essex High School - students previously served with to-and-from school busing, based on distance to be traveled, condition of roads, and pedestrian/public transport infrastructure.


Priority 2: Expand Service

  • Hiawatha School
  • Summit Street School
  • Thomas Fleming School
  • Albert D. Lawton
  • Essex High School students living outside the walk-to-school zone and not previously receiving to-and-from school busing.


We acknowledge the frustration and disappointment this news delivers to many of our families and students - those experiencing changes with their transportation, those losing services they’ve historically had, and for those expecting the promised expansion of transportation. We have communicated conflicting messages over the last week, compounding confusion and damaging the trust you have in your district. Superintendent Cobb and the leadership team are working to ensure that more accurate and more timely information is shared going forward.

We have put a great amount of work into transportation, but in the end our good intentions have not been enough to fulfill the promise to provide equitable transportation district wide.


To view the bus routes that will begin starting on Wednesday, August 29, please visit the EWSD transportation page.


On Tuesday, August 21 from 5-6:30 p.m. EWSD will host a transportation information session in the EHS cafeteria. The public is welcome to attend.

If you have any questions on the bus routes or transportation in general, please contact EWSD COO Brian Donahue ( or EWSD Transportation Manager Jamie Smith (